Become a member


1. How do I qualify to become a member of the SACCO?

Group Membership

  • Membership 150,000/=
  • At least one share of 60,000/=
  • Account opening 12,500/=
  • Resolution to join the SACCO
  • LC1 letter
  • Certificate of registration
  • Passport photos of chairperson, secretary and Treasurer

Individual Membership

  • Membership Fee 10,000/=
  • At least one share of 60,000/=
  • Account opening 12,500/=
  • Passbook 5,000/=
  •  Copy of national Identity card/ work ID/ LC1 Letter/ driving permit/ passport.
  • Passport photo.

2. What is a share?

A share is the TOTAL amount represented by a member’s portion, or equity or ownership in the Sacco. At Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA Sacco, each member must hold a minimum of 1 share at a price of UGX 60,000 each, to be a co-owner.

3. What is share capital?

The total amount of money directed towards buying individual or group shares (Each at 60,00/-)

4. Can I transfer my shares or deposits to another member?

Yes. As a member, all you need to do is instruct the society in writing to transfer your deposits to another member, giving full details of the transfer such as the cash amounts and the SACCO membership number for the recipients. There's a fee associated with this transfer.

5. Can I withdraw my Shares?

NO! Shares cannot be withdrawn once purchased. However, they are transferrable (sold) to another KYADDONDO CBS PEWOSA member.

6. What is a dividend?

A share of the surplus of the society, which is divided amongst its members, based on the Sacco's profitability and a member’s shareholding percentage.

7. Do shares earn dividends?

When the SACCO earns Profits. Absolutely Yes! Once you buy shares in the Sacco, the Sacco invests in various growth projects that qualify members to earn dividends at the end of the year. The financial performance is transparently disclosed every year during Annual General Meeting (AGM)

8. How do I make contributions towards my share capital?

By consistently buying more shares regularly in the Sacco. Your share capital is then invested by the Sacco for growth purposes.

9. How long will my loan application take before disbursement?

Your application is expeditiously processed according to how fast you produce the minimum requirements. This would take 2-5 Working days. While emergency loans take 1-2 working days.

10. Who is eligible to join the SACCO?

Any one above 18 yrs. of sound mind, with the minimum SACCO requirements will be eligible to join.

11. How much loan can I qualify to apply for?

This is measured by the loans committee inclined to propensity to return the monies. Otherwise you should have 15% Shares and 5% Savings of the total loan amount applied.

12. How many guarantors should I get?

1-2 SACCO members who have no loan whatsoever with a sound saving history

13. If I clear loan before its maturity date shall I be penalized interest for future ?

There’s an interest waiver on loans paid before maturity –at the discretion of management