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Miss Mpungu Faridah 32 years is a resident of Kawanda Nakyesanja joined kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA in 2017 through ( Bulumi n’okunyumirwa group)

She secured her first loan in 2018 and launched a bricks making project t kigoogwa. she was wholeheartedly committed to saving with Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA by December 2019 started building boys quarters.

She later secured an individual loan of 2 million – and used this money to buy a freezer, purchased milk and others merchandise. Faridah has since prospered - opening up a brooder during covid times - at bombo , she now owns a - farm at Bombo with banana plantation employing two service men.

- Bought a plot of land at kikajjo - and built rentals at Nakyesanja - joined real estate - buying plots using Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA loans. Ms. Mpungu has since added more capital to her business Faridah has bought galvanized iron sheets and repaired her house with tiles and new paint.

“My future prospects include but not limited to the following; buying more land. expanding the clay bricks making project etc..