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Mr. Byaruhanga Gadi is a Rwandese-Ugandan national, Treasurer

Mr. Byaruhanga Gadi is a Rwandese - Ugandan national, Treasurer - the Twake group located in Sseguku cell B. He joined Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA seven and a half years ago after a radio advert. With a business seed of only 40,000/ - .UGX. He launched a chapatti stand where he only sold “Rolexes” this is an omelette rolled in chapatti and served with vegetables.

He applied for an 800,000 UGX loan which he directly injected into chapatti stand business at the time and was able to pay honorably in a time span of 4 months. Gadi has since re - applied for more loans from Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA ; apparently servicing a 1,200,000 shs loan which he has used to expand his shop and also bought a fridge which is now a third business for him.

Today, he owns two plots of land in the village which he intends to use for farming. He is very appreciative of the fact that the Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA even though it’s a Buganda Kingdom project doesn’t segregate in tribe or nationality but welcomes everyone despite their background. He says he will continue to spread the good word about Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA to anyone who will give him ear and listen so the membership grow and people develop as well.