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Mr Kanyerezi D avid ( 38 years) lugala – is married with 3 children and joined Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA SACCO in 2019

After listening to CBS 88.8 FM, he opened up an account with initial deposit of 400,000 /=  Mr. Kanyerezi was initially a school driver, with primary school . David narrates : “I got my first loan in 2019 which I used to buy a plot of land to startup agricultural ventures for my family - within a time frame of one year I was done repaying it.

“ He secured a second loan in 2020 and bought a Toyota Hiace Van since his strategy was to tap into the taxi business plying his business in the Kampala metropolitan area. This was henceforth serviced and completed in a year or so.

Today David, intends to start construction of his dream house using Kyaddondo CBS - PEWOSA SACCO money.

Mr. Kanyerezi is delighted to be paying school fees for his children . He further adds “ I got connected to many business associates within Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA SACCO. I have encouraged many of my friends to join Kyaddondo CBS - PEWOSA SACCO; open up an account, buy shares and put their money on a fixed deposit to enjoy the friendly interests.