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Nasoor Fatuma 41 years is a resident of Kawanda she joined Kyaddondo CBS=PEWOSA in 2019

Fatuma , started with a frying pan selling snacks, Chapati , Bagiya , Samosas and pancakes by then. In December 2019 she started building boys quarters secured an individual loan of 2 million – which money she used to buy a freezer, purchased milk and others merchandise.

In the midst of the national lockdown due to Covid she purchased sugar, oil, and wheat, started working from home. Consequently, built a chicken brooder. Breeding chickens at home. Mrs. Nasoor secured a third loan and bought a plot of land at Nakukuba Ssanga to scale up the farm operations.

Her fourth loan in 2021 she built rentals at Kawanda , where she opened doors into real estate buying plots between 4m - 10m using Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA money.

I have since bought galvanized iron sheets and repaired my house with tiles and new paint. I recommended Miss Gimugu and Ssalong lumu to join Kyaddondo CBS PEWOSA SACCO. they’re also progressing.

My future prospects include but not limited to the following; buying motor cycle, car for tour and travel business, open up an air ticket selling offices.