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Situation Analysis

TWEZIMBE TUZIMBE is a CBS-PEWOSA grand opportunity to be a social investor with our shareholder (Share Capital) program. This community drive is a strategic intervention to the many brutally shuttered dreams and hopes of the marginalized groups in Uganda as a consequence of COVID19.

The devastating effect is evidently worse amongst women and youths in Uganda who industriously sacrifice their lives building small businesses to feed their young families. Today, they are economically crippled and desperately clinging onto illegitimate plans and crime to stay alive.

Collectively, it’s our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to repair/mend this collateral damage, by crowdfunding through this share capital program.

“Due to Covid19, 54% of Ugandans temporarily/permanently lost a job, business, or primary source of income”. Afrobarometer 2021 Survey

Why ACT?


The covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent containment measures had devastating effects on uganda’s businesses resulting in the economy’s general slowdown. research indicates that the subsequent measures to contain its spread negatively affected business operations in all sectors of the economy.

After the lockdown, businesses faced severe liquidity constraints while re-opening. in this case, female owned businesses in the services sector reported a much dire financial situation. in addition, access to credit remains a challenge as financial institutions remain pessimistic about the future business environment. nonetheless, employment in businesses shows signs of recovery, albeit sluggishly, with much slower employment recovery in the services sector


In the first half of 2021, Uganda’s Finance Ministry reported that 28 % of Ugandans were poor. That rate had increased from 18 % before the pandemic. The official poverty line is the equivalent of $ 1.90 purchasing power per day and head. Hence cause for action.


Uganda’s national unemployment rate rose to 9.2% today -from 1.80% in 2019, largely cause by the extended national lockdown.


The inflation rate in Uganda has more than doubled from 2.1 % - in April 2021 to 4.9% in April 2022. This has been largely due to geo-political turbulences, negatively impacting livelihoods.

Source of Support Re-Opening Post COVID Business



Target Market

As a grassroots project our strategic intervention has/is primarily women groups that collectively save and build SME businesses in various verticals; agriculture, manufacturing, SMEs etc. However, we have since pivoted to align ourselves with the most vulnerable groups as below

Young Mothers:

The number of teenage pregnancies in the country rose by 28% during the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 (Makerere University School of Public Health). It’s imperative to note that young mothers are three times less likely to have professional jobs and twice more likely to be self-employed in agriculture. This is sufficient reason to make this our focal point considering that; half of the teenage mothers (47%) are peasants in subsistence agriculture (UNFPA Uganda 2022)


The unemployment rate for youth aged 18-30 is 13.3%. The country is facing crucial systemic barriers that limit economic growth and job creation. Chief among these is an unfavourable business climate, characterised by an often-prohibitive cost of doing business, and limited access to start-up or scale-up capital. This can be resolved with your investment.